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Truck Repairs to Keep Your
Fleet on the Road

Whenever your trucks are off the road, your bottom line suffers. That’s why we place a premium on fast response, expert diagnostics and reliable work for truck repairs.

We can help you deal with emergencies, recover from accidents, source specialist truck parts, and keep your fleet operating at full power.

Truck repairs
Truck repairs

Our skilled team works closely with our sister company, Workhorse Collision Repairs, to provide a comprehensive suite of truck repair and truck maintenance services for all your heavy and light trucking needs.

Our expert technicians use the latest diagnostic tools and state-of-the art equipment to handle a range of truck repairs, from engine rebuilds to transmission overhauls.

We handle the full range of engine repairs, from in-chassis to complete out-in engine rebuilds and replacements.

Sometimes off-the-shelf parts just won't cut it. Our skilled fabricators can design and build custom parts to meet your exact specifications.

Our brake roller testing services can help ensure that your fleet's brakes are functioning properly and meet RMS regulations. We use state-of-the-art testing equipment.

A faulty suspension system can cause uneven wear on tires and decreased stability. Our suspension repair and testing services can help keep your truck running safely.

Our service covers everything from light globe changes and battery replacement through to diagnosing electrical faults.

We can diagnose and clean your DPF, avoiding the need for costly replacement.

Truck repairs

With everything you need in one place, why go anywhere else?

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