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Brake Roller testing
and reporting

At Workhorse, we offer heavy duty brake roller testing and reporting for trucks and trailers.

With the benefit of extreme brake test equipment like the Maha MBT7250 Roller Braker Tester, we can test up to an impressive 18,000 KG axle load.


The Maha MBT7250:

Tests brake wheel drag, disc warp and drum ovality.
Identifies differences, deviations and deceleration rates in continuous real time.
Other maintenance
Ideal for diagnostics, from smallest passenger vehicles to largest semi-trailers, road trains, multi-combinations and bus brakes.
Trailer servicing
All records are stored to ensure a complete audit trail, if required.
Suspension and steering tests can also be carried out.

Once we’ve identified the problem, we offer a comprehensive repair and replacement service. This includes brake pads, discs, shoes and drum replacement. Overhaul and reconditioning of master cylinders and brake callipers is also available.

Come to us for accurate brake diagnostics and replacement for your commercial vehicles.

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